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What Services we Offer

We specialise in providing  reliable 4G broadband for areas will low speeds. Our services include testing, supplying and installing 4G equipment. We cover all areas across Sussex and Kent.

We aim to give our customers fast 4G internet by means of a single Wi-Fi connection or, over a network.

Is your Broadband Speed slow?

Lots of rural and even some urban areas across Sussex and Kent have poor broadband speeds,  This is normally due to the distance that the signal has to travel down copper wire from the exchange to the property that hosts the broadband. In some cases, poor wiring and network setup within a building can cause slow internet speeds.

What we Do

Firstly, we look at the configuration and setup of the network to see if everything looks ok. We then scan the local area to see which mobile tower are best suited. and will offer the best broadband speeds. We then test the signals with out test kit before we start the installation of 4G equipment.

What Broadband Speeds are Achievable?

This really does depend on the location but we do aim to make the speeds better than what you were getting before. after our initial testing, we will give you an idea of the realistic speeds available.

What does the 4G equipment include?

4G dish - This is a directional dish that points towards the closest mobile phone tower or the tower with the best signal range.

Mast - A mast is used for elevation, The 4G dish is mounted at the top of the mast to achieve better range. The mast is typically around 5 meters in height but this an vary depending on the lay of the land. The dish can also be mounted on buildings or rooftops.

Wireless router - A wireless router is used internally to distribute the internet through Wi-Fi and ethernet ports like you would get with a BT home hub router.

Access point - Access points are used to distribute the Wi-Fi connection throughout a building.

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What is the Cost of a 4G system?

The cost for the equipment and installation will depend on what type of equipment is required and the complexity of the installation process.

Once the installation is compete, it is down to you the customer to purchase a data plan sim card from a mobile data provider. The cost for an unlimited data sim is approximately £25-£35 per month,

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